Created in 2019 the Gallox concept was born over Sunday lunch between co - founders Ollie Endacott and Lizzie Williamson. As siblings they discussed the need for an environmentally friendly British outdoor clothing brand.

The name of the company derives from an ancient 13th century bridge within Exmoor national park. The bridge carried packhorses laden with wool from the hill farms into the market town of Dunster.

Hailing from the West Country both Ollie and Lizzie have a deep love of the outdoors and countryside and enjoy the bounty it offers. However they realise the environment in which they live is a fragile and delicate eco system. Both have a desire to contribute back to the community and causes that support the environment that they want to protect. 

Gallox aims to work with and support British manufacturers in the production of their garments. In the first year of production 70% of all products are manufactured in the UK and to narrow that down even further 50% is made in Devon. By working with British businesses Gallox are committed to keeping standards high and our carbon footprint to a minimum.

Our goal is to make sustainable and ethical products utilising recycled, organic and sustainable materials. We are proud that 80% of our garments incorporate these materials and are still able to withstand the wild elements of the British Isles.