Our values represent and reflect the history that has been passed down to us by our forefathers.  Custodians of the land who never took more than they required and firm believers in re-using and recycling.  We want to emulate these traits in our clothing brand and pass them onto the next generation.  We hope you will join us in sharing the below values.


Sustainable, Organic, Renewable & Ethical garments.

Gallox has utilised materials which minimise environmental impact from source to the finished garments. We have hand-picked them based on the quality they will give our customers, whilst giving you peace of mind that you are making an ethical choice when buying our products.


Reduce waste & look to the future.

Gallox is aware that all forms of manufacturing contribute to raising levels of CO2 and other greenhouse gasses.  Because of this Gallox looks to work with British manufacturers where possible to not only support the industry within our own shores but also to keep our CO2 emissions to a minimum.  We aim to work with the best manufacturers in their class who can prove they are fighting back and reducing carbon footprints.  We also want to know that workers are treated well, payed fairly and have safe working conditions.


Built to last.

Our clothes are designed to span generations and time so that our garments do not go out of fashion or favour. This will keep the garments on your back and not in landfill. By working with trusted manufacturers, we know the product quality is high and are confident our garments will be unyielding to the elements.