To celebrate our first-year anniversary we have commissioned three unique utility belts which will keep you fishermen, foragers and countryside enthusiasts smiling from ear to ear.

Once again, we have utilised materials from the British Isles; tweed, dry waxed canvas, and brass.  We decided to move away from the standard tan colour for the over belt when we fell in love with the beautiful grenadine colourway reminiscent of a rich British racing green. 

The leather has wonderful full grain which results in a very satisfying texture.  The dimensions are fuller than a standard belt at 54mm wide as the Barbrook is designed to be worn over your jacket or coat.  It boasts a twin prong buckle, similar to that of a weightlifter’s belt, testament to the strength of the leather it holds.

It has a matching grenadine leather knife slip designed to hold many different types of either lock or folding knife. 

The multifunctional pouch is made using a combination of materials, including a heavy duty dry waxed canvas and a contrasting Welsh tweed lid.  Just because we have functionality in mind with all our products, it doesn’t mean style needs to be compromised.

Covered in our three years three fixing service.

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