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Our best-selling item of apparel is back!  After proving so successful in our formative first year of trading we have used the same design and cut as last year but with a different fabric and colour.  The new fabric is best described as seaweed in colour with a mixture of dark greens and black woollen fibres.

The new fabric has a small amount of polyamide added in with the pure loden wool. This gives it an extra amount of elasticity in comparison to its predecessor.  It also has a denser weave giving you better protection against the un-predictable British elements. 

In comparison to anything that man can make, Loden wool is 60% denser than standard wool. Because of this, it offers good water resistance as well as unrivalled breathability.

We have continued to use the wonderful Courtney & Co button makers for our corozo nut buttons on the Dunkery jacket.  Colour matched to blend beautifully in with the jackets unique colour, we have managed to produce yet another piece of apparel which blends aesthetics with practicality.

This garment is included in our free fixing service.




Fabric & Aftercare

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