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The new kid on the block - The Haytor has 3 distinct British elements;  it’s designed and manufactured in the UK using 100% British fabrics.  The outer layer is a weather resistant cotton twill, which comes from the Northwest of England.  It has an inner layer of plaid wool flannel, which has contrasting colouring to the outer layer. The plaid wool fabric also comes from the North of England, the heart of the British textile industry.

The Haytor is a mid-weight smock that has practicality and style weaved into every fibre.  It has an integral hood to keep your swede warm whilst out and about with your daily chores. Four well placed pockets to keep all your stash and gear safe away from the elements ensuring you won’t run out of space for your phone, keys, wallet, multi tool & hip flask!

With the added benefit of being longer than a normal jacket/shirt, the Haytor will cover your derriere meaning you can go about your business and embrace the task ahead without suffering a soggy bottom!

Covered in our three years free fixing and complimentary re-proofing service, the Haytor is at the pinnacle of sustainability.




Fabric & Aftercare

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