Please purchase your postage and packaging here so after we have repaired your clothing we can return them to you. Please read the below information regarding our free fixing service before purchasing the postage and packaging....

At Gallox, we pride ourselves on producing clothes that are built to last and withstand the harsh British elements however, we understand that wear and tear is part of the process of wearing clothes outdoors. We are proud to be able to utilise British manufacturers using organic, recycled and sustainable materials.

We want our clothes to stay on your back rather than ending up in landfill. In order to prolong the life of our products, we offer a free fixing service* on selected garments under three years old.** Should your item of clothing need this service, just drop us an email and attach pictures of the clothes and the issues that need repairing.

After you have owned your Gallox garment for three years, should it require a repair, not a problem, we’ve got you covered. We will charge a minimal amount (depending on what needs repairing). Please drop us an email with some pictures of garments you wish to be repaired and we will give you a quote.

Whilst we endeavour to use the closest material/colour possible when repairing your clothes, we cannot guarantee an exact match. We ask that the clothes are washed before sending and we reserve the right to refuse repairing clothes if they are received in an unhygienic state.

We also request that you send some pictures of the garment you wish to have repaired before dispatching them in the post. A receipt of purchase will also be required. This will give us time to prepare and decide how best to get your cherished Gallox clothing back to you looking tip top. Please note, as a valued Gallox customer, if we feel the clothes are beyond repair, we will contact you to discuss alternative options available to you.

Gallox reserves the right to refuse any form of repair should we feel the clothes are being abused on purpose to qualify for the free fixing service. Although we will attempt to bring your clothes back to their former glory, as you can appreciate, this is not always possible. As this is a free service, we do not accept any responsibility if you are not completely satisfied with the repairs once returned.

With our free repair service process, we aim to return your item as soon as possible. We estimate it will take approximately 4-6 weeks in total from when you start the process of initially contacting us up until you re-receive your Gallox clothing in the post ready to embrace what you can throw at it again.

Gallox, un-yielding to the elements.

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