Denim Care

Versatile, reliable, durable - most of us have at least one pair of jeans in our wardrobe that you can easily throw on with your favourite woollen jumper or tee. We all love our denim jeans but for all it's merits, this everyday staple comes with a hefty impact on both people and the planet, requiring significant water chemicals and energy during production. A staggering 3,600 litres of water over the life-cycle of a single pair and with an estimated 6 billion new pairs of jeans produced each year - that very quickly adds up.  Our Porlock Jeans reduce some of the above burden by having a mix of cotton and recycled polyester which is manufactured out of recycled plastic bottles.

One of the best ways to reduce some of the impact on our beloved planet is to keep your jeans for as long as possible – Check out the below tips to keep your jeans looking fresh and in your wardrobe for years to come.

1 - Spot Clean

Wear well and wash clean between washes by simply using a damp cloth or old toothbrush to remove dirty marks. You can save over 2,000 litres of water per year by washing once a month as opposed to once a week and you will spend much less time doing laundry and more time out in the fields - win win!

2 - Washing

Make sure you are not washing your jeans on too high a temperature, ideally at 30°C maximum, otherwise over time heat can cause fading, shrinking and damage to your jeans. Colder water saves on energy which in turn saves you money. However, if your jeans are particularly dirty, you may need to increase the temperature slightly to ensure they are thoroughly cleaned. Always close zips or buttons and turn your denim inside out before washing this helps to minimize the abrasion that causes fading as well as the wear that can happen along the hems, pockets, and fly and waistband edges.

3 - Drying

When it comes to drying your jeans, air drying is the best option.  This allows you to flatten and reshape before hanging out to dry. By skipping the tumble dryer, you are saving energy....and your denim in the process.  Did you know that lint in your tumble dryer is caused by your clothes breaking down? To prolong the life of your jeans and to reduce damage to the fibres of your denim air drying is the best solution!