Ollie and Lizzie both hail from the Westcountry and have spent most of their lives in Devon & Cornwall.   After spending time away traveling internationally and working in various locations across the United Kingdom, both have returned to their roots living in the North and South of Devon, respectively. 

Ollie and Lizzie were both brought up in rural locations and have a heritage of farming in their veins. However, the farming life was not meant to be for the siblings and they each took their own paths forming careers in vastly different walks of life.  

Ollie is a specialist nurse and has been qualified for over 15 years, working in various positions in different parts of the country. It has given him a firm grounding on life, and he realises that he is a lucky man to be healthy and to live in such a special part of the world.  He is a keen country and water man and has a deep understanding of the habitats that he frequents. Well known for making dinner from scratch after a day foraging or spearfishing, you know you will not go hungry when Ollie is around!

Lizzie has also taken a different path to her forefathers and lived in the city for over twelve years working as a designer for independent and high-end fashion brands. Lizzie has an eye for detail and is passionate regarding ethical and sustainable fashion. Lizzie has always had a passion for arts and crafts despite being three years Ollie’s junior it was not unusual for her to be completing his art homework!  Now back in the heartland of Devon, Lizzie can again start to concentrate on her passion of horse riding and living a country life with her young family.

Gallox was formed over lunch and plenty of wine in September 2019. Ollie was discussing that he could not find any ethically and sustainable clothing for his pursuits. It was decided between Ollie and Lizzie that they would make their own. So, the very next day (albeit with a slightly sore head) the wheels were turned in motion and Gallox was born. Lizzie took inspiration from some hard-wearing vintage military apparel and incorporated their no nonsense designs with some inspired modern changes to create garments with style and substance. Gallox offer a brand that has functional qualities and offers a fresh look on outdoor fashion. 

So, you have heard some background into Ollie and Lizzie’s lives, they would love to hear from you and hear your stories and how Gallox fits in with your lifestyle.  Please follow on social media at Instagram and facebook and share some of your stories and photos with us.