Gallox Chosen Charity - Plastic Free North Devon

It is said that charity starts at home and we are proud to say it really does here at Gallox.  During our first year, we have decided to support Plastic Free North Devon through their business supporter club (Big up the Westcountry!). We believe that reducing plastic waste should be on everyone’s radar and that it is the responsibility of every single one of us.  Plastic Free North Devon advocates that we all reduce our consumption of single-use plastics to protect the environment and dispose of them properly. They are working towards a radical transformation aiming to educate the public to make more informed decisions improving our relationship with the environment.  Please check out their website for further information to see the fabulous work that they do throughout the wonderful place that is North Devon.

Gallox will be donating 50 pence to Plastic Free North Devon for each garment of clothing sold to help support and contribute to the work that they carry out in the community.  What can you do to cut out the use of single-use plastics from your daily routine?

We have looked long and hard at ourselves since our brand was conceived and have cut out as much plastic as possible from all parts of the company.  This includes packaging, garments tags, and even from the clothing itself.  It is easy to choose plastic in all industries as it is cheap, adaptable, and a sturdy product that can be used in many forms. The downside is that lots of plastic cannot be recycled, and this ends up in landfill if we are lucky, if not, it's likely to be cluttering our countryside or clogging up our oceans. This poses a massive problem that we must address and start resolving now so that future generations can enjoy the same bounties of the country and ocean that we all readily take for granted.

With a little effort and imagination, you can source materials that have more sustainable properties that can be disposed of or recycled with a guilt-free conscience.  We are a young company and because of this we can implement positive changes from the start, however, we are not resting on our laurels and we will continue to look for new and innovative ideas that reduce our impact on the earth, land, and sea.  Check out our page regarding packaging to see what we are doing to cut out single-use plastics use here at Gallox.

Each year we will be supporting a different charity that contributes and supports positive environmental changes here in the UK.  We would love to hear from you if you have any recommendations or would like to point us in the direction of charities that you think fit our ethos.  Please give us a shout at